Feline Spay Neuter Pack Rose Gold


Feline Spay Neuter Pack Rose Gold

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A safer alternative to marking tape | Easily identifiable instruments to reduce mistakes cost-efficient alternative to re-buying/reapplying tape

Studies have proven that colored masking tape is not only difficult to sterilize but also will peel or flake off of surgical instruments over extended periods of use. This makes them a risky system to use with the threat of trapped bacteria or foreign bodies dropping into a patient’s wound during surgery. GerVetUSA has recognized this issue and has spoken with surgeons to brain-storm a safer alternative, bringing forth the first-ever Color-Coated Spay and Neuter Pack. Available sets include Blue, Rose Gold, Gunmetal, and Rainbow.

Now, all instruments will be recognizable at a glance without the need to remove then reapply to mark tape. The coating will not peel, is easy to sterilize, and is already part of the instrument, therefore, it will not need any additional purchase or maintenance.

GerVetUSA is a surgical instrument manufacturer, not a distributor. This is important because when surgeons are faced with common problems, such as needing an alternative to messy marking tape, they can approach GerVetUSA with their case and have an instrument developed and manufactured to their specific needs so that they may do their job more effectively with ease.


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